Design & Floor Plans

Peer neighborhoods are designed for comfort, care and well-being

Our memory care environment provides a sense of independence, autonomy and choice. Grace Gardens Memory Care has applied the latest in therapeutic design principles to help those experiencing cognitive decline from Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and other types of dementia to live successfully. Little cues make the difference: closets that present just the clothing they need that day makes getting dressed easier, and intuitive layout and signage makes wayfinding simple.

Each peer-centered neighborhood groups people with similar cognitive abilities together, making individual interactions and group activities more satisfying.

Town & Country is a home-like environment that is enriching, safe, nourishing and supportive. It is customized to the residents who live and thrive within each unique neighborhood. A central kitchen and dining room give residents the opportunity to pitch in, set the table or cook together. The aroma of cooking foods increases appetite and cues other residents that “it’s time to eat!” Familiar activities of day-to-day life are also part of our programming.

Explore the Grace Gardens

Grace Gardens Courtyard
Grace Gardens Courtyard
Grace Gardens Courtyard
Grace Gardens Courtyard

Grace Gardens site plans

Grace Garden 1st floor

Grace Garden Site Plan Floor 1

Grace Garden 2nd floor

Grace Garden Site Plan Floor 2

Grace Gardens floor plans

The Sunflower 559 sq-ft Private

The Sunflower Private
559 SQ FT

The Lotus 454 sq ft Semi-Private

The Lotus Semi-Private
454 SQ FT

The Daffodil 518 sq ft Semi-Private

The Daffodil Semi-Private
518 SQ FT

The Jasmine 421 sq-ft Private

The Jasmine Private
421 SQ FT

The Bluebell 445 sq ft Semi-Private

The Bluebell Semi-Private
455 SQ FT

The Buttercup 419 sq ft Semi-Private

The Buttercup Semi-Private
419 SQ FT

The Magnolia 416 sq ft Semi-Private

The Magnolia Semi-Private
416 SQ FT

The Zinnia 395 sq-ft Private

The Zinnia Private
395 SQ FT

The Tulip 387 sq ft Semi-Private

The Tulip Semi-Private
387 SQ FT

The Daisy 373 sq ft Semi-Private

The Daisy Semi-Private
373 SQ FT

The Poppy 358 sq ft Semi-Private

The Poppy Semi-Private
358 SQ FT

The Marigold 353 sq ft Semi-Private

The Marigold Semi-Private
353 SQ FT

The Rose 336 sq ft Private

The Rose Private
336 SQ FT

Grace Gardens Bedroom

Grace Gardens Bedroom

Grace Gardens Bedroom

Grace Gardens Bedroom

Grace Gardens Bedroom

Grace Gardens Bedroom

Grace Gardens Bathroom

Grace Gardens Bathroom

Grace Gardens is rich with amenities

Everything is here to create beautiful, satisfying lives for our residents.

  • Rob’s Garden Café, with delicious, fresh-cooked meals for residents—and also a wonderful spot for friends, staff and family members to enjoy a coffee or meal
  • An expansive, 3,000 sq. ft. garden area, among the largest of any memory care community in Orange County
  • Concierge medical office for visiting doctors
  • Four neighborhoods designed for peer-group living
  • Private studio apartments and semi-private studio suite apartments
  • Movie theatre
  • Household kitchens in each neighborhood
  • Robust programming

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