Alzheimer’s and dementia resources in Orange County, CA

Dementia Care Specialists is the industry’s leading organization that trains and certifies our staff development trainers and team members at Grace Gardens Memory Care.
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This is the Dementia Care Specialist model that we use at Grace Gardens, an organization that we partner with to help us implement best practices in memory care.
Video: Warchol Best-Abilities Care Model Helps People With Dementia Thrive


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The Alzheimer’s Association created this blog to allow caregivers and those with Alzheimer’s to share their story, and to keep the community up-to-date on efforts to increase awareness and federal funding of research.

Primary caregivers for people living with early onset Alzheimer’s will find compassion, calm advice, and even humor on Linda Fisher’s blog. She began her online journal in 2008 following her husband’s diagnosis, when she assumed the role of primary caregiver.

Lori La Bey’s personal experiences as a caregiver make her a valuable resource for others. Encouraging, assisting, and engaging those in need is the goal of Alzheimer’s Speaks, a platform designed to give back the voice that can be lost to the disease.

Family caregivers will appreciate Kay Bransford’s grace and humor about what it’s like to care for her parents as they moved through varying stages of memory loss and dementia. She details how she solved practical issues — like accessing assets to pay for her parents’ care — and offers helpful advice gleaned from her own experiences.

Anyone looking for medical updates, research, networks, and a way to get involved in finding a cure will find this a valuable resource. Visitors can share their personal stories, sign a petition, contact lawmakers, learn about early detection, and much more.

On Alz Authors, readers will find a comprehensive collection of memoirs, novels, children’s books, caregiver guides, and blogs aiming to inspire and encourage people who have been affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia. Every week, they add a new Alzheimer’s and dementia book recommendation to their blog. Scroll through the blog to find a book you connect with and purchase it from their online bookstore.

Alzheimer’s Orange County

A list of great resources, videos and support groups in your area.

Since 1982, Alzheimer’s Orange County (formerly known as Alzheimer’s Association, Orange County Chapter), has been Orange County’s center for Alzheimer’s resources. We are dedicated to providing quality care and support services to the thousands of residents of Orange County who are affected by Alzheimer’s disease or other related dementia, and also partnering with local researchers to populate clinical trials to help find a cure.

Mission: To provide hands-on care and support, information, referrals, education and resources for individuals and families in Orange County and surrounding areas who experience memory loss, Alzheimer’s and other dementias, while advancing critical research for a cure.

Alzheimer’s Orange County Walk/Run

Wear a mask and take part in this walk coming October 2020.

Get ready for Alzheimer’s OC’s Virtual Walk & Run!

Whether WALKING or RUNNING, join us to take strides in the OC fight against Alzheimer’s!

Join us this year in AlzOC’s largest fundraising event, Walk4ALZ and the newly added Run4ALZ, to be held on Saturday, November 14, 2020 – all funds stay 100% local!

This year’s virtual experience will be one to remember! Each walker and runner will be given a virtual treasure map, where the internet is your guide! Participants will visit each of our vendor’s websites for the chance to win big!

Virtual Dementia Tour®

We see firsthand what it is like to watch your loved one change as they are affected by the disease. It can be difficult to understand the changes in behavior, which may make the relationship strained. One way to “walk in your loved ones’ shoes,” is to go through the Virtual Dementia Tour®, which was developed by Second Wind Dreams®.

The participant is outfitted with temporary, patented devices to mimic the common challenges those with dementia face in regard to disorientation, hearing impairment, cognition and dexterity. We are happy to provide this experience to resident family and friends at no charge.


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